The General Conditions of Participation regulate on the one hand the responsibilities of the Customer (Traveler/Mediator) who participates in a package trip or package (airline tickets, ferry tickets, train tickets, overnight stays and accommodation services, transport, guided tours and visiting services), and on the other hand the Travel Agency (the Company), which sells an organized travel or travel package, organized by itself or acting as a mediator. The Traveler and the members it represents, and the participants through associations, parishes, schools, companies, agencies or other entities through their participation or intermediation in the travel of the Company or other organizer, is considered to be unconditional to accept the travel plan with the terms and the following General Terms and Conditions of Participation, which they have carefully studied, understood and undertook to observe as a condition of their participation. The information, data and recommendations contained in the General Terms and Conditions have been checked by our office for their accuracy, are general and are valid as they are, unless otherwise stated in terms of the relevant schedule of each trip. The programs, including the applicable price list each time, apply for the period indicated therein, unless otherwise noted. Travel information and details may change due to frequent and extraordinary changes in world conditions, particularly in transport and international relations. In this case, you will be notified immediately in the most appropriate way.


Our Company ALEXANDROS EFSTATHIOU MON IKE has received an Authorized License of the GNTO with MIT number.................................. Our Company organizes travel itself or in cooperation with other organizers, which sells itself or through another travel agency, acting as a mediator between the customers / travelers and the various service providers it uses (accommodation, travel agencies, transport companies, cars rentals, airline and shipping companies, etc.), to whom it has no direct control but will support any contractual requirement of the traveler as a mediator of its customers. The Mediator Agent is a reseller of travel and is not an authorized representative of the Company.


Regular travel registrations and reservations are made by visiting our offices or our partners' offices, by email, fax or telephone, subject to the booking / cancellation terms applicable to the package or travel package. Any failure to pay the prepayment / payment of the required travel value at the scheduled time, entitles our company to cancel the reservation and may require cancellation fees in accordance with the cancellation terms provided in the terms of the program and. The contractor representing his team has the obligation to inform all his travel agents represented by him about the details and conditions of the trip. Participants through a third party have the same obligations as the representative who enrolled them on the voyage, and the tour operator provides any relevant information whenever requested. In some package trips or travel packages, a company representative will be at the departure / arrival point to facilitate your journey, while your escort, if required and included in the terms of the trip, will be at the airport of arrival and the services begin and end with arrival and departure to / from the destination of the trip. Our company has no responsibility for changing the days and hours of operation of markets, museums and archaeological sites.


Travel prices quoted in the Company's current printed or financial offer are calculated on the day of issue of the price list or financial offer, based on the service cost, the applicable fares / surcharges, the foreign exchange rate currencies with the Euro, as well as any other cost factor. Once the Company has exhausted any provision, it retains the right to adjust the prices when the above cost factors change due to extraordinary and unforeseen increases prior to the departure of the trip. If, for the above reasons, the value of the trip increases, the Traveler has the right to accept the relevant increase or to cancel his participation on the basis of the current policy of reservation and cancellation. The same applies to reduced participation (under the calculated minimum number of people whose number changes on the basis of the program) and any fare difference if the group tickets have been completed and the Carrier or the hotelier ask for a higher fare or rent for the extra seats. Discounts for children (based on the age policy that each vendor holds for 0-11 year olds), where applicable, vary and are granted when two adults pay normally in the same room / cabin. The Company has the right to deduct pre-registration or last-minute seats in order to make the trip without the right of other travelers to claim the corresponding discount. Prices do not include city tax (where applicable), which applies only to travelers and is paid on site at hotels upon arrival or departure from the accommodation.


The Company has an obligation to co-ordinate and perform, as much as possible, its travel services to travelers by mediating between travelers and any third party providing services (airlines, shipping companies, transport companies, accommodation, hotels, travel agents, etc.), has no and cannot have direct control over them, and so responsibility. The Company, having exhausted all foresee ability and care, is not responsible for the wrong actions and omissions of third parties and their associates, for the abnormalities in the provision of services and for the emergency situations such as: cancellations / delays / changes in transport routes (airplanes, ships, cars , coaches, trains, etc.), accommodation, exclusion of areas, other strikes, weather conditions and other causes. Therefore, due to possible delays, for technical reasons, weather or other reasons, travelers should not plan meetings or their own visits on the days of arrival / departure of travel. The Company is not responsible for emergency situations such as strikes, blockage due to weather conditions, sanitary reasons, terrorist-war-toxic conditions, earthquakes, hijackings and other similar cases of force majeure as well as any material or physical damage, loss of life, etc. The Company will help as well as exhaust any possible way of continuing the travel of travelers, but without any legal or financial responsibility for which travelers should be burdened. It is advisable for regional travelers to have one day before the departure date at the place of departure in order to deal with any extraordinary changes in the route or other problem. For instances of trouble, make immediate reference to the attendant and if not foreseen, to the local agent with notification to the Company to take the necessary actions to correct the problem. In any case, the problem should be reported upon the return in writing to the Company and within 10 days, enclosing the relevant evidence. Any compensation for non-service may not exceed the value of the individual service. Minimum participation for all package tours is 25 (25) adults. If this number is not completed, the Company has the right to cancel the trip and inform the Travelers up to five (5) days prior to the start of the trip and to return the money they have paid without any other obligation unless they accept the difference of increase from reduced participation. The structure of the voyage shall be that referred to in the travel / proof contract accepted by the Traveler or Mediator. Definitive and final travel schedule is defined as what the Travelers / Mediators receive with travel documents 2 days before departure with any extraordinary changes and are required to disclose to the persons they represent on the trip. For services not listed on the package or travel packages sold or listed as optional or available at a charge and an additional charge in excess of the quoted prices, our company is not responsible.


Because during the package or travel package you are likely to include other travelers than yourself, you will find it necessary to adapt to the required behavior in relation to the other travelers and to the travel schedule as well as the recommendations of the escorts and tour guides. Passengers are required to arrive at the venues in time, in accordance with the flow of the program, any delay and traveler's legal or economic consequences will only burden the traveler, and he will have to reimburse his lost services under his own responsibility. Our company will assist with every effort and assistance without legal or financial responsibility. The day of departure should be at least two (2) hours before the departure time. If there is no escort on the voyage, the traveler has the responsibility and must confirm all the services that include his travel. The loss of the economic total of the journey entails any voluntary interruption or delay by the traveler. Refunds do not come from the Company, Accommodation, Transport Company and other providers if there is a reason and for this reason the traveler must have taken care of his travel insurance for any eventuality. In any case, the Company will take all necessary steps to obtain a refund. If the traveler is unable to continue participating in the voyage which he has paid by prepayment or reimbursement for various reasons, he may assign his place to another person in accordance with the conditions of participation of the program. In case the traveler has a balance he must pay, as well as any additional costs due to the change of traveler. It is very important that with regard to airlines and airline tickets, changing the name of the passenger is only allowed to cancel and claim a possible refund, if possible, and to recover an airline if there is availability with the corresponding cost of charging. As long as there is no availability, the company bears no responsibility.


The company is not responsible if visits to museums and other archaeological sites are unlikely to occur or to be held on a different day than due to National Holidays or due to non-operation. The price of the trip does not include entries to museums, archaeological sites, spectacular parks or other visiting sites unless otherwise stated in the travel plan. Optional excursions and guided tours are paid on site during the program and there shall be a minimum number of participants. The Company does not bear responsibility for the handling and the cost that will be offered and is at the absolute discretion of the travelers if they will participate in the optional excursions. The duration of the tours in each program differs and is determined by the local players.


The categorization of accommodations referring to the programs of package tours or travel packages or resale services, is in accordance with the applicable law of the visited country. Rooms are available upon arrival after 14:00-15:00 and delivered until 11:00 to 12:00 noon on the day of departure. If you wish to arrive earlier or leave later, you will also have to pay for it. If the company and tour operator changes a hotel due to a special need with another of the same or better category, the company is not obliged to compensate travelers. The traveler, in case of late arrival at the hotel after the scheduled day, has the obligation to inform the hotel, and the hotel reserves the right to cancel the room reservation and make it available to another customer if requested. In the event of a mistake and reservations beyond the hotel's availability, the company will make every effort to resolve the issue in accordance with applicable laws in the visited country. The duration of a one-day tour does not exceed eight (8) hours, always counting from the time of departure to the time of return to the hotel. Half day visit / excursion does not exceed four (4) hours, always counting from departure to return to the hotel. Please note that airlines, for their own reasons (technical aircraft problems, etc.) may charter other airlines' flights, change flight times and airplane types. These changes are accepted by IATA and are not a reason and a right to cancel the trip without payment of cancellation fees by travelers.


etc. For all foreign travelers, it is necessary to have a new valid passport which should have been issued since 2006 and its expiry must be eligible for the visited country as some destinations require passport expiration from 3 to 12 months after the travel dates. As long as the visited country is subject to the Schengen Convention, it is possible for the traveler to use an ID in Latin characters. If a visa is required, the traveler must proceed to all necessary actions. Very important and particular attention is needed for minors who need to be provided with the required travel documents. For foreign passport holders, they must notify the Company in writing and address themselves to the local consular authorities of their country, as well as to the visiting countries to check whether they need a visa or any other documents. If they do not take the necessary steps in time to issue their travel documents and cannot travel, they must pay the amount of the cancellation fee if it exists. For all necessary travel information where the International Health Organization requires vaccination, medication, etc. the traveler has to be informed by these public authorities.


The Company has a Liability Insurance Policy for each trip it organizes, covering any liability to its clients arising from the non-execution or poor performance of the package. In addition, there is the possibility of optional insurance for more coverage according to the desired amounts, which our office recommends unreservedly. Also, in the case of illness while traveling within the European Union, we recommend that you contact your Insurance Company for the issue of the European Health Insurance Card.


The traveler bears the sole responsibility for his luggage, which is delivered to the carrier and received under the responsibility of their holders. In the event of damage or loss of luggage, the IATA Regulation for Airplanes and the corresponding International Treaties for each means of transport and for hotels shall apply, and liability in this case shall be limited in accordance with these Treaties. The Company does not bear any responsibility for the contents of the baggage and any items of value and we recommend the appropriate insurance. Regardless of the type of travel (by air, sea, road), the Transport Company undertakes to transport for each traveler only one suitcase of normal size and weighing up to 20 kg, unless otherwise stated in the terms of the airline. In addition to the baggage, the traveler is entitled to a small cabin bag with dimensions in accordance with the terms of the airline. If the traveler has overweight or more luggages he is obliged to pay the charge on the spot.


If the traveler cancels his / her voyage and has to pay a cancellation fee, he / she has to pay them to the company, according to the conditions of the travel program in which he participates. Cancellations are only accepted in writing to the Company. The charges for cancellation and management fees are set according to the program and its terms. The same terms apply to airline tickets, ferry tickets, transfers, car rental, accommodation, cruises and generally all travel services